The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk: Race and Ethnic Images in American Children's Literature, 1880-1939

My dear Mr. Harris:

I have your letter of the 23d and am distressed to hear that your father is not well; but I hope he will soon be all right. I am extremely pleased that you like the article. Yes, I had a two-fold purpose in writing it. One small motive was to do what I could to help along a magazine in which I so thoroly believed; but, my dear Mr. Harris, I want your father and you and your associates clearly to understand that much my largest motive was the very reverse [?]; [?] that is , I wished to get the magazine to help along an idea in which I believed ! So please understand that the balance of credit is due from me.

With regards to all, believe me,
Faithfully yours, Theodore Roosevelt
Mr. Julian Harris,
Uncle Remus's Magazine,
Atlanta, Georgia.