The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk: Race and Ethnic Images in American Children's Literature, 1880-1939

My dear Mr. Harris

See how nearly right you were—here is a date one month later than when I saw you last: But: All the same I have not been idle in that month. I have literally cleaned up the studio: I have sent off all the old fag ends of work and little here's and there's that have been hampering over me for a year past and I am free—with a capital F.

I saw Mr Alden Friday last and he urges me to hurry up our joint work. He counts on it for a big feature for The Magazine and he says go ahead as fast as you can:

I will send you an instalment of sketches and ideas this week—and I hope you will give me something to start on pretty soon—so that I can keep
going and keep up with you—

I am sorry to say I can't find any pink paper quite fine enough for that invitation so I will send it on this: When are you coming on? and when can I meet you? And when are Mrs. Frost and I to have the pleasure of our portion of your visit? The place is looking beautiful now. Green and thriving and the cows fine. Butter of the grassy taste. Hurry up!!

Look for a letter within a week-

Very sincerely yours always
A. B. Frost