The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk: Race and Ethnic Images in American Children's Literature, 1880-1939

Dear M‑ Anthony

The M/s received. think I can do them satisfactory when I can get at them. I am at work now on some things for Harpers which will take me about a week or 10 days After that I'll tackle the Uncle Remus. You have delayed sending them somewhat and in the meantime I have taken other work. I want to do any thing in the way of illustrating that I am in sympathy with and
I like the Brer Rabbit biz, so if you wait I'll tackle them.

I find now a very fair market for my paintings at good prices and they of course pay me far better than any illustrating but I realize the fact of the audience one gets thro​ the wood engraving and publishers. And I also appreciate your efforts in the way of putting book illustration up to its present standard. so I shall always be ready [?]to hear from you and shall make
the effort to please you. Even if I do not succeed


During the week I shall seek the haunts of the Guinea Hen and the Rabbit and prepare myself in case you say it wont be too late

possibly run in an illustration during the 10 days—