The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk: Race and Ethnic Images in American Children's Literature, 1880-1939


I am asked to say a few words for the first number of Uncle Remus's Magazine ⁁ to which I wish abundant success. ¶My thots ¶ just now are upon the enormity of war in lieu of the forthcoming Peace Congress soon to assemble in New York, over which I am to preside. The genius of Uncle Remus introduced us of the north to the Slave [?] in his most attractive form, the story teller of his masters children.

We have banished from the Civilized World the owning & selling of Man by Man, but there remains a far greater national barbarity even than that, the killing of Man by Man in battle like wild beasts as a mode of settling international disputes. ¶This puts ¶to shame all claims we make to true Civilization. Our English speaking race agree to submit to Tribunals all individual disputes & what are nations but aggregations of individuals yet we have men who argue that altho [?] they submit to Courts of Law all [?] disputes even those affecting their "honor" and are thus individually arbitrationists they hestitate to insist upon nations doing so—

They are "dishonored"⁁ as law breakers if they take violent measures to vindicate what they call their "honor" and yet not willing



to submit their Country's "honor" to impartial tribunals—this seems inconsistent—

We still speak of one Man "dishonoring" another Man, one Nation "dishonoring" another Nation, but this is impossible No man ⁁ evef did or can "dishonor" another. No nation can dishonor another nation, all honor wounds are self inflicted.

It is really easy to abolish war today, [?] it only needs the cooperation of one man the Emperor of Germany. His troops [?] combined in China a few years ago ⁁ under one of his generals with those of France, Britain, Japan, [?] & America for a specific purpose which was successfully accomplished he has only to unite these Nations today to agree to say to other nations that the world [?] being now interdependent with Germany & one or two powers cannot be permitted any longer to break the peace in the maintenance of which all powers are more or less concerned— These powers ⁁ would could not—would not refuse such cooperation—The people of France, Britain, or America at least would not permit refusal Much is to be hoped from the next meeting of the Hague Conference, the first called to consider relatively unimportant questions gave us the greatest step forward that man ever made at one time, a permanent Tribunal for settlement of international disputes—the High Court of humanity—The next may lay the foundations for freeing world of its foulest stain


[?] In this sacred task the Christian Church should stand foremost for nothing clearer than that the early fathers preceeding Christ preached peace among men⁁—as Christ did.

Justin Martyr⁁ second century The [?] who in the past killed one another ⁁ being Christians do not now fight our enemies

Clement of Alexandria ⁁ second century says the followers of Christ use none of the implements of war.

Tertullian 2nd Century declares the military oath & the baptismal now are inconsistent of each other the one being the sign of Christ the other of as the devil. Jesus Christ disarming St Peter disarmed all soldiers"—

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has first stated that the idea of arbitration & the peaceful settlement of International disputes has attained a practical potency& a moral authority undreamed of before—

The time has arrived for earnest & [?] men & women to place this issue before all others & never cease their efforts until Man killing like Man occurring shall no longer disgrace Civilization.

Andrew Carnegie